• Upcoming exhibition 2020

    Upcoming exhibition opening on Friday the 13th of March 2020 in Núllið Gallerý, Bankastræti, Reykjavík, Iceland.

  • Why do I make art ?

    The meeting point between arts and science have been of a great interest to me and I make studies of different natural objects or creatures that fascinate me. In my works whether they are installations, sculptures, drawings or photographs I carefully choose elements to work with that have some sort of connection between them and I allow the viewer to interpret the relationship between them by him or herself.

    The Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco (1962-) once said:

    "Beauty? I don’t use the word beauty anymore. Never. It’s not that the thing itself is beautiful. It’s the relationship that you establish that makes something beautiful. And so the word ‘beautiful’ is not an absolute It’s a moment, I would say. It’s more like a moment in which you look at something and you feel alive, you feel that you are enjoying something. And that is a moment of poetry, pleasure, revelation, thinking."

    I agree with Orozco, it's the sensual, it's the mind and the moment when you gaze at something that makes you feel alive. It's magical. My aspect towards art is that when something feels magical it's art and therefore I think that an artist is a magician. The interpretation is the viewer's and that is what makes art important, it's important because the interpretations of one artwork depend on the individual and therfore so many different viewpoints exist and the artwork becomes immortal.