Sigurrós Svava Ólafsdóttir
The Swan, The Whale and The Canine Tooth.
Pencil drawing.
29,7 x 42 cm
The swan, tha whale and the canine tooth has been in the making since fall 2016. The elements in the drawing have been a fascination of mine for years now and they have come to me through time. I collect elements to show in my drawings and I build a connection or a relationship between them, similar to Gabriel Orozco's ideology where he believes beauty is not plainly beauty thus it exists when we make a connection between objects, often different objects. In my work I have made drawings and installations where I lay together objects from different directions and these days I am more into focusing mainly on drawing natural beings as they appear in nature but focusing on porportions, for example in the drawing The Swan, the Whale and The Canine Tooth I show the elements in the ,,wrong'' porportions.
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